At Zix we understand secure email, and we understand why finding the right BYOD solution has been so challenging for organizations. Most current solutions don’t offer an approach that meets all business and employee needs.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of mobility, the state of BYOD security and whether or not organizations are satisfied with current solutions. We partnered with Ponemon Institute on a significant study, “BYOD security: A Fresh Perspective.”  The study focuses on whether companies are losing the ability to safeguard their sensitive and confidential data because of the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace and how to best solve the BYOD challenge. Download Full Report

Key Report Charts

BYOD Security: A Fresh Perspective

Ponemon Institute and Zix conducted a study on BYOD security with goals of identifying top BYOD adoption trends, challenges and successes. The study surveyed 895 IT and IT security specialists in the U.S. with the majority of respondents (59%) at the supervisor level or higher.